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Showcase presenta Jonah Hex. 1. PDF EPUB

John Albano

Showcase presenta Jonah Hex. 1. - John Albano pdf epub




DATA 16/03/2017
ISBN 9788467468403

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In un selvaggio West dove la differenza tra il bene e il male è molto sottile, facciamo la conoscenza del cowboy più eccentrico che si sia mai visto. Un implacabile pistolero che amministra la giustizia con metodi molto sbrigativi e non sempre "onorevoli". Un'anima errante e tormentata, orribilmente segnata nel fisico e nello spirito. Showcase: Jonah Hex raccoglie le storie più celebri del personaggio, a partire dai suoi esordi su All-Star Western.

...I remember liking it quite a bit and was bummed when they cancelled it (or so I assumed-there was no WIZARD back in the early 80s, so if the supermarket stopped selling it, chances are they did) ... Showcase Presents Jonah Hex volume 1 - Now Read This! ... . Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex Vol. 1 (Collected) Edit. History Comments Share. Showcase Presents Jonah Hex 1.jpg. Alternate Covers: File:Jonah Hex 0036.jpg Textless Showcase Presents Vol 1 #1. November, 2005. Executive Editor. Dan DiDio. Cover Artists. Luis Dominguez Alex Sinclair. Publisher . Jonah Hex was always the latter sort. DC - or National Periodicals as it then was - had run a notable stab ... Showcase presenta Jonah Hex. Vol. 1 - Sergio Formicone ... ... . Executive Editor. Dan DiDio. Cover Artists. Luis Dominguez Alex Sinclair. Publisher . Jonah Hex was always the latter sort. DC - or National Periodicals as it then was - had run a notable stable (sorry!) of clean-cut gunslingers since the collapse of the super-hero genre in 1949, with such dashing - and immensely readable - luminaries as Johnny Thunder , The Trigger Twins , Nighthawk , Matt Savage and dozens of others in a marketplace that seemed limitless in its ... Get this from a library! Showcase presents Jonah Hex. Volume one.. [DC Comics, Inc.;] -- A collection of Jonah Hex comics that were originally published in 1972 through 1976. Presents the earliest adventures written by John Albano anbd Michael Fleisher, with art by Tony DeZuñiga, Doug ... Edición original: Showcase Presents Jonah Hex Vol. 1 USA Fecha de edición: marzo de 2009 Guión: Denny O´Neil, Michael Fleisher, Arnold Drake, Robert Kanigher, John albano Dibujo: Gil Kane, Jim Aparo, Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, Luis Domínguez, José Luis García- López, Tony de Zuñiga, Noly Panaligan, Doug Wildey, George Moliterni, Gray Morrow Tinta: Tony de Zuñiga, Noly Panaligan Buy a cheap copy of Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex, Vol. 1 book by John Albano. Witness the earliest adventures of DC's legendary gunslinger from ALL-STAR WESTERN #2-8 and #10-11, WEIRD WESTERN TALES #12-14 and #16-33! Jonah Hex had no friends,... Free shipping over $10. Jonah Hex (Volume 1) was published by DC Comics from April of 1977 until August of 1985.The series featured bounty hunter, Jonah Hex, a recurring character from the Western anthology titles, All-Star Western (Volume 2) and Weird Western Tales (Volume 1).Written primarily by Michael Fleisher, Jonah Hex has the distinction of being DC Comics' longest running Western era title to spotlight a ... Showcase Presents Jonah Hex Vol.1 is straight up western storytelling with a morally ambiguous hero. The stories are nearly plausible. It has great gun-fighting action and fascinating characters, especially Jonah Hex, all of which is well illustrated. Native Americans are more than just crazy savages. January 15, 2006 Quick Rating: Great Collects: Jonah Hex stories from All-Star Western #10-12 & Weird Western Tales #13, 14, 16-33 and assorted western stories from All-Star Western #2-8. Witness the birth of DC's most famous gunslinger! Writers: John Albano, Arnold Drake, Michael Fleisher & Robert Kanigher Art: Tony Dezuniga, Noly Panaligan, Doug Wildey, George… Showcase Presents Jonah Hex 1 by Albano, John/ Fleisher, Michael/ Dezuniga, Tony (Ilt)/ Wildey, Doug (Ilt)/ Garcia Lopez, Jose Luis (Ilt) Presents stories of Jonah Hex doing what he does best, finding people for money and raising the death toll in the Old West. DC Showcase - Jonah Hex izleyin - AngryChannel Dailymotion'da . Jonah Hex (2010) VS Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (2012)! Marvel VS. DC CBMC Round 1, Fight 8 Jonah Hex is a 2010 American western superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Directed by Jimmy Hayward in his live-action debut, and written by Neveldine/Taylor, the film stars Josh Brolin in the title role, John Malkovich, Megan Fox, Michael Fassbender, Will Arnett, Michael Shannon and Wes Bentley....