Red Paper
2015, installation
Wastepaper piles symbolising tree trunks are painted red. Each of them weights 100 kg, which is exactly how much recycled wastepaper can save a life of one tree.

"While working on the project, I had to paint red over some local news, global events, some public personalities, and a weighty issue of a famous fashion magazine", the artist says.

Zinaida Lihacheva's red "trees" are built out of numerous stories and the only one who knows exactly what's inside is the artist herself. While picking out paper sheets, stacking up and painting the piles, Zinaida Lihacheva lived through all the texts, titles, photos, and illustrations brought back from the past.

In Red Paper by Zinaida Lihacheva, information is recycled in the artist's memory, while the source of information, the material itself reclaims its uncompromising presence in public space.