2016, video installation
A poppy seed flower fades quickly – the petals fall down within just two days – and the contrast between crimson, tender flower and the dry one, which has lost its color, is associated with aging in general, as well as metamorphoses. Morpheus, morphine…

Through "Macabre" Zinaida appeals to an important yet still a taboo issue of women's weakness and addiction, drug abuse and disparity.

The impetus to work on this theme served the data published, according to which, in 2012 solely in Kyiv there were 10 000 female drug abusers. Today, in Ukraine there are 1.5 million drug abusers total; every fifth drug addict is a woman. 95% of these women are 16-30 years old. The artist investigates the reason which makes the woman despise herself, resort to drug abuse and, as a result, do many terrible things.

Women's art project, Art center"Chocolate House", Kiev, Ukraine