In & Out
2013, installation
Installation "In & Out" represents a certain synthesis of this cooperation. The artwork consists of the following elements: light, sound and three pianos painted by a definite color principle.

According to Valentyn Silvestrov, "music has to be born out of silence". Inner world of the artist is being filled with sounds and voices and thus, he transforms this inner language into music. The same happens to visual art. Zinaida Lihacheva believes: "Color is born out of purity". These are red, blue and yellow colors which make outer world bright and multicolored. Furthermore, they are basic for the palette of the artist. Despite the colorful diversity of the world, its tones and shades always hide the main color. In case, we mix all the colors, we will get just achromatic black colorscape. So, the variety of colors and shades ends up with one tone.

Music reveals the inner world of the artist by means of sounds, whereas painting reflects it through color palette. Listeners and viewers become co-creators of this inward world. The world, being created outside, ceases to be the artist's inner world and becomes a property of all people involved in it. Simultaneously, music and painting appealing to the senses of the recipients make them think and transform external factors – the sounds and colors – into the inner world.

Music – "Mantra" by Karl Stockhausen.