2012, Sculpture
There is an ancient, rich of profound ideas and symbols tradition on the Pure Thursday to paint hen's and sometimes goose's eggs and give them to each other on the holiday as a present and keep them as strong talismans, magical objects, per se materialized prayer.

Ornament that the artist has chosen to paint her dynamical egg is very ancient and utterly informative. It symbolizes points of life, and there are such shapes in it like a rhombus, a square, a hexagonal star...
Every angle has its own sense and devoted to the
Sun, the moon, stars, water,air, family, birth, good, arable land, sowing, germination, ripening of crops, harvest, garden, apiary, litter of cattle... In addition, the triangle with its apex up symbolizes the man source, spirituality and creativity; and the triangle with its apex down symbolizes woman source, wisdom. Joined in rhombus, square or hexagon, they incarnate the process of creation, gaining completeness, preserving fertility of the world. There is also a cross here that is symbol of the four elements (earth, water, air and re) and the Christianity proper.

This ornament, painted on the Easter egg, concentrates in itself the prayer about forty desires and their realization. The sculptural image, created by the artist, does not give the nal answer. The viewers must think themselves and decide whether the world collapses or builds itself; and whether the prayers
put in the magical, all-powerful but such delicate and fragile natural phenomenon, like an egg.