Cosmic Egg
2011, installation
The installation was opened at International Week of Contemporary Art Space Odyssey 2011.

The object Cosmic Egg is a new stage of extremely deep reconsideration of an egg archetype, a new light of sacred myth about Creation of Universe from an Egg. The object consists of two parts. They symbolize two spheres, which emerge when Cosmic
Egg splits. Thus Heaven and Earth, Top and Bottom worlds originate. The majority of the ornaments are associated with the image of the divine woman-mother.

A special e ects in the middle of the object allow viewer to be immersed into the main idea of the installation — the inner
Cosmos. Movements of the viewer, amongst the two parts of the egg, determine certain light intensity as well as "density" of sounds extracted from theremin (electric musical instrument), which is installed inside

of the object. This interactivity and light and sounds synchronization at subconscious level make up the viewer's mind to self discovery.