Braganza Collaboration
2012, fashion collection
September 14th, 2012 within the framework of London Fashion Week spring/summer'13 the fashion collection by British designer Jean Pierre Bragnza was shown. The prints for the collection were created on the basis of Zinaida Lihacheva's paintings "Transormation" and "Touch".

Since his debut at the world fashion scene in 2004 Jean Pierre Braganza has shown his collections in a number of cities all over the world including Tokyo, Sidney, Toronto, Berlin, Kyiv and is reputed to be a designer who is prone to complicated geometric tailoring and futuristic elements. This season Braganza has created prints for his collection based on Lihacheva's paintings – organic swashes of deep colour that acts as a perfect contrast to the intricate tailoring and sensual drapes that the designer is known for.

«Jean Pierre creates things of amazing silhouette and construction. Having chosen my abstract paintings for his prints he managed to express them conceptually in his design. Such fashion can be considered as art», — Zinaida comments.

«I love the depth and mystery of intelligent, beautiful women, and with her passion for her work and her country, Zinaida represents my ideal of a modern woman.», — Jean Pierre explains.