Black Bride
2014, video installation
Red beads are a traditional element of Ukrainian wedding attire, which is also a symbol of health, wealth and happiness. The more beads are used in decoration of the wedding dress, the happier the bride will be in her new married life.

Using this tradition the artist does not simply reconsiders the images but combines them into dramatic patterns and re-codes the symbols in the context of hard and tragic events, which Ukraine is still living through.

The bride puts on the black beads again and again, accepting this burden and realizing her tough experience. Her image is full of light energy and hope but at the same time it might mean a transitional state and getting onto a new level.

The beads in the installation are transformed from an element of national costume into a heavy symbolic object – huge, rimous beads made of black wood – that lost its primary function to make a woman beautiful.

"Black beads" project is not an attempt to give the answers to the questions but it is a translation of the emotions and events experienced, hope for the transition to a different quality state of mind.

2014 ARTVILNIUS — International exhibition of contemporary art, Vilnius, Lithuania..

Scherbenko Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine; 2015 Solo project, Venice biennale of contemporary art, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy