Carrying The Souls To The Sky / Dakini video
I am honored to be part of the Personal Structures project in the context of the 58th Venice Biennale once again. This year I am presenting my video Carrying The Souls To The Sky/Dakini. In my works, I try to address contemporary and eternal problems while mixing universal cultural codes with the wisdom of my native Ukrainian tradition.

If I were to define our modern world, I would say people are prone to detach themselves from their cultural roots and profound spiritual codes encrypted in traditional rituals and folklore. This project is my attempt to remind people of the universal laws of life, while embracing cultural heritage that I belong to. Since my first expedition to Western Ukraine in 2012, I have traveled to many countries connecting to the local communities and learning about their cultural and spiritual life.

This project is to express female spirituality and transformations predicated by the time and inevitability. A female protagonist is shown during three different stages of her life: a little girl, a mature woman ready to give her maternal energy and love, and an old lady with her wisdom and acceptance. After all, the woman passes away.

Women's walk on the moving bridge over the river symbolizes the inevitability of passage of time and transformation from one form into another. The time moves us forward while we keep deriving energy, wisdom and strength from our ancestors. It is up to us whether we want to participate in this incredible dialogue, and also become a link between those who were here before us and those who will come to live after us.

Dakini is a female meditational deity, energetic being in female form in Tibetan Buddhism. Dakinis are connected to wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. The word dakini itself can be translated as "skywalker".

The exhibition is presented by Hagoromo Projects curatorial bureau, USA.
About the Artist
Zinaida Kubar (b.1975 in Kyiv, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian artist focusing on images and myths surrounding women's issues and the female identity in both Ukrainian and world culture.

She is a current resident at Con Artist Collective, New York, USA, and Food of War, International Artist Collective. Previously, Zinaida was a facilitator at Marina Abramovic: In Residence (Kaldor Public Art Project, Australia).

She is a founder and director of ArtRehub, a volunteer-based initiative providing psychological art rehabilitation for those who have suffered a deep psychological trauma, primarily during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Zinaida has a BA degree in Fine Arts and Art History from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Ukraine.

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Insta: kubarzinaida